Swissing Around

Swissing Around

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Big (Little) Gig -- The Giant Robots at The Bourg

We all made it out of the house at the same time on Sunday, despite the cold and the rain. And we had a lot of fun too.

A local garage band called The Giant Robots did a gig at the old cinema-turned-nightclub, the Bourg, which is a blissfully short walk from ours. Bas was excited because he's right into music at the moment and loves seeing musicians perform, whether it's an orchestra in the park across the road, a busker at the local markets, or a bit of 1960s-inflected rock 'n' roll (especially when it's the Stones).

I often forget what a great little venue the Bourg is. And I forget to check the gig guide, which is why I only discovered on Sunday that one of my favourite bands from the States, Low, played there on Friday night. Damn.

The Giant Robots played an impressive eight shows in seven days last week, and made their final show a true all-ages affair by turning their amps to face away from the stage and keeping it mild, not wild. All the kids were seated at the front and all the grown-ups stood at the back. Bruno slept through the whole thing, strapped to Papa's chest. 

Hearing Bas shout out 'Yeah!' between songs and seeing him dancing at the end was great. The Giant Robots are on heavy rotation at our place this week and their poster is now blue-tacked to Bas's bedroom door. He has asked for a guitar for his next birthday present, quite possible as glittery as the one he was shown in the last photo, below. 


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